Going Crazy

Sitting, drinking, thinking
Wondering why everything seems wrong
Planning, wondering, dreaming
Knowing I am helpless I can do nothing
But I can’t help this fickle feeling
And everything may change in an hour or so

What is love and where does it go
How is it possible I’ve sunk so low
I’ve thought and thought and I still don’t know
Why won’t my head just make a choice and let it go

She tells me that the clock is ticking
My time is up it’s the end of the show
If I could I’d flip the magic switch
Curtains would raise and we would take a bow
We’d laugh together holding hands
And walk home smiling with us both knowing
Whispering secrets telling happy stories
Like all those times that seem so long ago

Tell me please what seems to be the difference
Were we wrong or did we both just grow

walking, talking, running
The show goes on and I still don’t know
wishing, praying, sleeping
I’m getting tired I need to find a way
And if I can’t find resolution
Won’t you please just tell her that I’m way too weak

Hoping, pleading, escaping
I’ve run before and I can go again
standing, laying, sleeping
I’m so tired why can’t I just wake up
I hope that it’s all just a dream
But I’m afraid that it’s just reality
So if I wake and it’s just too late
I hope she’s happy and I just fade away

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