What Are Your Thoughts?

I’d love to see your thoughts about these blog posts. Please post comments! They’ll really help me as I try to be more consistent with my posts. Not so much because they’ll necessarily change what I write, but because I’ll be able to see how people connect (or not) with these stories. I’m shooting for one new story/essay per week.

Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. gwhang says:

    I enjoy the fictional stories you tell a LOT.

    I kind of wish you would write more autobiographical stories, too, though 🙂

    Keep going though. I love reading your posts!

  2. joshsuds says:

    Thanks Whangsta!

  3. Erna says:

    So far from the ones I’ve read, I liked them all. I only read a few whenever I see it on my newsfeed.. So, keep posting them on FB. 🙂
    In particular, I like the “Crying Button” and “The Recovery”.. maybe because those are the latest 2 I’ve read. heh. But I liked that they both pulled me into the stories, with all the emotions & sadness..

  4. joshsuds says:

    Thanks for reading Erna!

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