Relax, seriously

I’m tired. I think we all are. It feels like we’ve been going and going nonstop for about fifty years now, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it feel like every vacation we have, every day off we get, is never long enough? It feels like that for me and I’m sure you feel like that too.

For the most part I know we’re all working hard or stressing out about how to get ahead just a little bit. For most of the people reading this, you’re probably worried about getting old too fast. You’re probably wishing that you were at a certain point in your life by now. Maybe it has to do with making more money. Maybe it has to do with finding that special someone who you think will make your life complete.  Maybe it has to do with wishing that you’d done more of the fun stuff while you had the chance when you were just a few years younger. Maybe you wish you were able to travel more and live your life like one of those movies where they seem to hop continents like they’re riding a bus from Jersey to New York City; as though it’s no big deal and doesn’t cost much.

I’m stressed. I won’t deny it. I feel like I’m constantly having to tell myself to let the muscles in my face relax because I’m constantly either frowning or wrinkling my brow in concentration (For everyone around me, it probably looks like I’m always constipated) . You know what I mean. You feel it too, don’t you?

I bet you wish you could take about a year off from your life or at least a year off from working. I know. I feel like that too. Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen any time soon.

Even though most of us aren’t lucky enough to have that much time off to just chill, I think we have to take an evening off now and then. I think we need to relax sometimes and not think about what’s missing in our lives. I think we need to just sit back and breathe. We need some time to just close our eyes, relax our shoulders, and feel the breeze. I think we need to just be.

I’m doing that tonight. I have a glass of a delicious bottle of sangiovese I was lucky enough to pick up for just thirteen dollars at a wine store nearby. The owner of the store joked with me that he’d never been able to let this wine decant properly because it’s so delicious that he drinks it all as soon as he opens a bottle. I must agree with him.

I’m trying not to think about work. I’m trying not to think about anything really. I’m not even going to edit this post. I’m just going to sip this wine, enjoy the cool breeze coming through the windows, listen to band of horses play in the background, and just breathe.

I hope you’re able to find time to do the same if only for an evening.

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One Response to Relax, seriously

  1. Amanda Schroeder says:

    Well put Josh! I needed this advice….relax….I don’t even know what this is anymore. It seems like all I ever do is go, go, go!

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