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I’ve Got a New Blog:

Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any new short stories on Rough Draft. But, I’ve got a good excuse: I was writing a YA novel called The Soundtrack. The novel is finished and is being edited by … Continue reading

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Relax, seriously

I’m tired. I think we all are. It feels like we’ve been going and going nonstop for about fifty years now, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it feel like every vacation we have, every day off we get, is never long enough? … Continue reading

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Which Story is Best?

Hi all! Thanks so much for reading the stories I’ve posted. I have a huge favor to ask: I’m planning to enter a couple different versions of one of the stories on this blog in a short story contest. Would … Continue reading

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No Answer

The boy hunched over his desk protectively like a prisoner guarding his lunch tray. Quickly, he glanced up toward the front of the room to make sure that Miss Hendricks was not watching as he put the finishing touches on … Continue reading

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Sorry for the blog’s appearance. I’m trying to make it more organized and hopefully a little more visually appealing. All the widgets should be in the right places soon! Bear with me. Thanks!

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What is your favorite Fight and Fish story?

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What Are Your Thoughts?

I’d love to see your thoughts about these blog posts. Please post comments! They’ll really help me as I try to be more consistent with my posts. Not so much because they’ll necessarily change what I write, but because I’ll … Continue reading

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