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Relax, seriously

I’m tired. I think we all are. It feels like we’ve been going and going nonstop for about fifty years now, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it feel like every vacation we have, every day off we get, is never long enough? … Continue reading

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Which Story is Best?

Hi all! Thanks so much for reading the stories I’ve posted. I have a huge favor to ask: I’m planning to enter a couple different versions of one of the stories on this blog in a short story contest. Would … Continue reading

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The Crying Button

When I was a kid, my brothers and I had a tree fort. It was built high above the ground between three oak trees. When I think about it now, I realize that the fort was not particularly safe for … Continue reading

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Monday Blues

I walked down Wall Street this morning. The cold wind was trying as hard as possible to pick me up and carry me down the hill as I emerged from the subway station. It reached down my throat, grabbed my … Continue reading

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Good Seat Bad Seat

I bus in from New Jersey to New York City every morning for work. People hate the bus. Since I am a person (for the most part), I hate the bus. Every one of them always smells. No matter where … Continue reading

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Mental Picture

The holidays away from your family can be a little rough. I know because I’ve had many of them. I’m usually lucky enough to go home for Christmas, but there have been quite a few exceptions. It always helps to … Continue reading

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“Maybe this is how it’s supposed to happen. It could all be part of it. Maybe this is where the spiritual journey ends,” he says looking into the fire. It’s muggy outside here in New Jersey.  I live in a … Continue reading

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